Little Happies: Pink Shoes Edition

My friend Stephanie hosts a lovely little link-up called Little Happies where bloggers can share the little happy things going on in their everyday life. I thought I’d finally join in and share some of the happiness in my life:

pink shoes

For the longest time, I’ve been on the hunt for new black flats. I looked online and in stores, but nothing ever caught my eye. I even bought a pair of leather flats from J. Crew, but ended up returning them because they didn’t feel right. The other weekend, we took a trip to the outlets. Black flats were obviously on my list. And my pink flats were starting to bite the dust as well. Wouldn’t you know it, I found the perfect new black and pink flats at the Nine West outlet! Yep, they’re the same style. The black flats are leather (similar to these) and the pink ones are suede. But the best part is that the pink ones ended up being $15!!!


That same weekend, we picked an abundance of cucumbers from our garden. I put out a distress call on what to do with said cukes. Stephanie recommended tzatziki sauce and pickles. We also have more dill than we know what to do with, so I wanted to try my hand at pickles (though dill is also used in tzatziki). Her recipe recommendation was spot on as John (with a tiny bit of help from me) polished off one of those quart-sized jars in less than 24 hours! We then made a second batch a few days later.


Finally, one of our favorite things right now is going out to dinner with Monica and introducing her to new foods. We recently went to a Spanish tapas restaurant and our foodie baby toddler loved the roasted duck leg (go figure) and obviously the bread. She also really enjoyed flirting with all of the male waiters and staff that walked past our table ;)


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    Yay!!!! This post is awesome. :) When I read that those pink flats were $15, I did a little “squeeeee!” How awesome! Glad John liked the pickles. Mmmm. Now I’m salivating. And Monica is just about the cutest baby I ever did see!! Thanks for linking up!


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