A Random Friday Post

Lela Rose carnival sheath dress, Kate Spade earrings,
SeaAndStoneStudio clutch, Christian Louboutin neon pumps
I know this Friday’s Fancies outfit is more dreamer than realistic, but this Lela Rose dress is too pretty to not share! Who’s with me to try to figure out how to DIY something like this???
And that clutch is from one of my new favorite Etsy shops, SeaAndStoneStudio. Jen hand dyes all the textiles using the Japanese shibori technique to create beautiful scarves, clutches, and pillows. I love all of the calming blues, greens, and aquas.
How else are things going with you?
This week has been a little nuts (haven’t they all?) and I’m feeling a little moody and PMS-y….ugh. Thankfully, I have some evenings with friends to look forward to!
Jess LC FLEA flamingo bracelet
In other news, my girl Jess just launched her newest line, FLEA! I’ve already snatched up on of the pink bracelets and can’t wait for it to come in the mail. More importantly, she’s written some amazing posts about imperfections and being more authentic on our blogs. They’re definitely must reads! 
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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