7 Tips for Building a New Wardrobe

7 tips for building a new wardrobe

blazer, ballet flats, dress (on sale for $15!!), scarf, tote

In addition to my blog redesign, I feel like my wardrobe needs a little redesigning and refreshing. Things I wore in college aren’t exactly (cool) mom-appropriate. And some of my business casual clothes are gathering dust since I can now wear jeans everyday to work, though I wore an outfit extremely similar to the one above on Wednesday. Finally, some of the items in my closet are worn beyond repair, stained from who-knows-what, and/or don’t fit me properly. Seeing that it’s Labor Day weekend, there are going to be sales out the wazoo! So what are some tips before parting with my hard-earned money and building a new wardrobe?

Take an inventory

First off, it’s important to take an inventory of what I already have and what I may need to fill out or update my wardrobe. If you’re daring, you can take everything out of your closet and dresser and only put back what fits and fits your current lifestyle. Then you can see what you’re really working with and what may need to be replaced. This decision tree is a fantastic resource if you need help sorting through your closet. And Jill has a great list of 50 things every woman must own.

Once at the store, think about why am I buying this. Is this a need or a want?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m the proud owner of new pink shoes. Some might see pink shoes as a “want,” (OK they probably are), but pink shoes are kind of my thing. I see colorful accessories as an easy and inexpensive way to mix up an outfit. As for the scarf above, I bought it during our recent trip to Montreal. Not exactly a “need,” but it’s a useful souvenir and every time I wear it I’ll think of our trip.

Do I already have something similar in my closet?

While out shopping, I find myself drawn to items I already own (i.e. stripes, pink shoes, and scarves). This might be great since things will match (see #3 below), but how many white button-down shirts does one really need? Well, maybe at least one more since babies and toddlers are messy ;)

What will I wear it with?

If I can’t think of three separate outfits, this new piece of clothing might not be right for me. Fortunately, Pinterest and style blogs help me figure out ways to remix my wardrobe.

Do I love it? And how often will I wear/use it?

Not just like it, but really love it and want to wear it every day? Or in the case of a leather purse or tote, is this item well-crafted and able to stand up to months or years of use? If so, the cost per use become negligible and that tote becomes a great investment piece.

Does this item fit me now?

Do I need to lose weight to fit into this? Or will I have to get it tailored? This is a really tricky question for me now considering my weight and body shape are all over the place. I’m sure other moms can relate to the different wardrobes for the different stages of motherhood:

  • Not pregnant
  • Pregnant and looking bloated
  • Pregnant, wearing normal maternity clothes
  • Pregnant, nothing fits
  • Post-baby, I still look pregnant
  • Post-baby, my boobs are still huge since I’m breastfeeding (and let’s not forget wearing something nursing-friendly)
  • Post-baby, a bit softer than usual
  • Lost most of the baby weight and not pregnant
  • Lather, rinse, and repeat

Are there hidden costs in maintaining my purchase?

That sale rack might be singing it’s siren song, but an innocent blazer might cost a boat load of money if tailoring, dry cleaning, and the like are involved.

Finally, in order to keep my closet from exploding, I try to keep to the “one in, one out” policy.

Are you hitting any of the sales this weekend?

Little Happies: Pink Shoes Edition

My friend Stephanie hosts a lovely little link-up called Little Happies where bloggers can share the little happy things going on in their everyday life. I thought I’d finally join in and share some of the happiness in my life:

pink shoes

For the longest time, I’ve been on the hunt for new black flats. I looked online and in stores, but nothing ever caught my eye. I even bought a pair of leather flats from J. Crew, but ended up returning them because they didn’t feel right. The other weekend, we took a trip to the outlets. Black flats were obviously on my list. And my pink flats were starting to bite the dust as well. Wouldn’t you know it, I found the perfect new black and pink flats at the Nine West outlet! Yep, they’re the same style. The black flats are leather (similar to these) and the pink ones are suede. But the best part is that the pink ones ended up being $15!!!


That same weekend, we picked an abundance of cucumbers from our garden. I put out a distress call on what to do with said cukes. Stephanie recommended tzatziki sauce and pickles. We also have more dill than we know what to do with, so I wanted to try my hand at pickles (though dill is also used in tzatziki). Her recipe recommendation was spot on as John (with a tiny bit of help from me) polished off one of those quart-sized jars in less than 24 hours! We then made a second batch a few days later.


Finally, one of our favorite things right now is going out to dinner with Monica and introducing her to new foods. We recently went to a Spanish tapas restaurant and our foodie baby toddler loved the roasted duck leg (go figure) and obviously the bread. She also really enjoyed flirting with all of the male waiters and staff that walked past our table ;)


new fiscally chic blog

Hi! Welcome to the newly redesigned home of Fiscally Chic! This redesign and move to self-hosted WordPress has been a while in the making. To be honest, I first started thinking about WordPress at the 2011 Financial Blogger Conference and then again in 2013. I wanted a cleaner and more professional looking blog, but could never pull the trigger. My blog on Blogger worked, but I was a little overwhelmed by the whole process and wasn’t ready to make an investment.

Enter Lisa Butler of Elembee. Lisa is a web designer and shares all sorts of helpful tips on her blog and in her newsletter. She recently published an eBook, Make WP Work, which is an awesome WordPress resource. Finally, I felt confident enough to redesign my blog and make the jump. Yes, I could have hired a web designer, but I’m a DIY and hands-on kind of gal. And yes, I also wanted to save a few bucks. I could have spent countless hours on Google trying to find everything, but the convenience of having all the information in one place (i.e. Lisa’s eBook) is priceless.

Moving everything to WordPress was much easier than I expected! And I wish I did it sooner. Bluehost made it super simple to get started with self-hosting including transferring my domain name from GoDaddy (I wanted everything in one place). If you’re wondering about specifics, I decided on the Genesis Framework (since everyone seemed to recommend it) and the Foodie Theme (with some customizations) after reading about it on Minimalist Baker. Since I like to talk about money on Fiscally Chic, here’s the cost breakdown of my move to WordPress and redesign:

Self hosting through Bluehost (2 years): $118.80
Genesis Framework and Foodie Theme: $99.95
Make WP Work (July discount through The B Bar): $40
Domain privacy protection with Bluehost (1.31 years): $13.13
Total cost: $271.88

I still have a few updates to make, but overall I’m loving my new “home.” The Recipe tab is pretty cool. Though I think my favorite feature is that the Genesis and Foodie themes are mobile response. Meaning the blog resizes based on the window size of your computer or mobile device screen. Take a look around and make yourself at home too! And don’t forget to update your feed reader.

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